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PB Unleashed: Oregon State Pregame Thread

We have few more hours to go till our game gets started. I am sure many of you are having a great time tail gaiting at the Rose Bowl. CRN and his coaches are going through their pre game preperations:


Photo Credit: telemachus

Meanwhile for the rest of us who are following the game on TV there are some great football games to take in before we focus on ours.

Lot of good games going on right now. Michigan was hammering Minnesota early on. Ohio State is off to a fast start against Northwestern. Texas is locked into a 14-14 with Baylor? Paul Johnson’s Georgia Tech is taking on UNC in Chappell Hill and is currently down 0-7, while Georgia is up by a TD on Kentucky in Lexington as the Dawgs are trying to rebound from their humiliating defeat against the Gators from last weekened.

Then you can take in the drama of Nick Saban returning to his former stomping grounds as Alabama takes on LSU around 12:30 pm PST. You can track other scores over here.

As always, if you are watching you can post your thoughts, comments, snap scouting reports (on any of our future opponents) right here in this as a pre-game thread.  We will have the game thread up tonight about half an hour before our kickoff at 3:00 pm PST

Enjoy your Saturday football in our BN pre game thread.