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2008 Wooden Classic: Ben Ball (DePaul) Open Thread

Here we go.

In just about an hour DC and rest of the Ben Ball warriors get to shake off their finals week funk and get back in action against DePaul Blue Demons:


Photo Credit: Jack Rosenfeld

Coach Howland wants DC to fire up more of those three points. We will get to see tonight how DC and rest of his team-mates against a Blue Demons team that will try to catch a Bruin team working its way back from the rigors of the finals week.

The tipoff is scheduled for 4:00 7:00 pm PST. You can watch it on KCAL and can track via the official site. You can read our notes leading up to this game here.

As always if you are watching the game, share your instant thoughts/commentary here in our game thread.

Fire away.