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Spaulding Roundup: Recruiting/Walker Updates

Some bits and pieces of football notes and news to pass on. From Brian Dohn:

As I talk to folks inside and outside of the program, I keep hearing something refreshing for UCLA fans. And that is coach Rick Neuheisel always hustling around in recruiting.
I can't say that was always the norm in years past, but Neuheisel seems to really enjoy the process rather than looking at it as a chore and necessary evil of running a college program.

I bet Neuheisel remembers all the birthdays.

Seriously though Neuheisel’s enthusiasm and fire for recruiting is showing through in the way this class is shaping up. Despite struggling through an expected 4-8 season in his first year dealing with surreal injury issues and a decimated OL, Neuheisel and his staff to date has put together the third best recruiting class in the conference (behind Southern Cal and Stanford). Currently per UCLA’s recruiting class is ranked number 22, and number 27 per

We will have to see how December and January works out as no doubt CRN and his staff are going to have to fight off competition to hold on to committed recruits such as Hasiak (OL from Hawaii) and also wait to see whether all of our JC commitments get their necessary academic course done to fully qualify for UCLA. Still if CRN is putting together this kind of class with a 4-8 record, can’t help getting excited about what kind of class we are going to see in 2-3 years when we have a viable program contending for conference championships (and hopefully more).

Meanwhile, it looks like DeWayne Walker is wisely begging off the NMSU HC position and per Dohn, LSU angle might not materialize either:

As of right now, I don't see Walker going to LSU for a number of reasons, which I've been asked to keep quiet. But I will say LSU has not reached out to Walker, according to a few sources.

Whatever happens given what is happening at UCLA, Walker is going to be all right. Sooner or later he is going to get a great opportunity. If not this year it could be next or the year after. What matters right now is that our recruiting and our program seems to be on the right track, which should set up Walker for a move up whenever he decides to go for it.