Pressley commits to UCLA!! No to the Trojans!

This is incredible news.  It never would have happened in the KD years..............Morrell Pressley, the #1 ranked TE in the country, who originally committed to USC months ago, changed his committment and has verballed to UCLA. 

I have seen this kid play numerous times, and with him and Harkey together in two TE sets, we will be tough to stop.  Norm Chow, when at his best, loves to utilize the TE, and this is an important cog in any Norm Chow machine.  More than that however, this shows that CRN can go in an compete head to head with Cheaty Petey and win some recruiting battles.  That hasn't happened in years! 

I am ecstatic with this announcement. This kid is the real deal, and hopefully others will begin to see that the Bruins are on the rise and that CRN and Co. are getting this ship headed in the right direction. 

All I can say Coach is........."WAY TO GO".  Welcome Morrell, we are glad to have you, and congratulations to getting on the Bruin train right as it is about to start rolling. 

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