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A Weak NCAA Caves To Pete Carroll

So the NCAA has changed its rule in response Pete Carroll’s unilateral decision to have his team wear home jerseys at the Rose Bowl (HT to bucknellbruin):

The NCAA today altered its rule regarding visiting teams not wearing white jerseys. Now, USC will be penalized just one timeout on Saturday, at the start of the game, as opposed to the previous rule of one timeout per half. UCLA coach Rick Neuheisel has agreed to burn one of his timeouts at the start of the game as well.

Let’s make something very clear. In terms of tradition, it is awesome that these teams will get to wear home and home jerseys on Saturday. It was about time. It is something we have supported pretty passionately (laying out our detailed arguments in support of it) previously on Bruins Nation. And no matter how the NCAA had done, it's a pretty good bet Neuheisel would have burned his TOs if Carroll was going to go ahead with this stunt and call on Carroll to the do the same next year.

However, IMHO it was disrespectful and incredibly arrogant on Carroll’s part to make this unilateral decision without conferring with Neuheisel this past Sunday, when there was no prior agreement in place. Yes, Neuheisel and Carroll had agreed on the concept back in February but that idea hit a snag when Pac-10 seem to balk on the agreement from earlier in the year. So with no agreement in place, Carroll uncorked what amounted to a successful PR stunt by paying lip-service to “tradition” and “rivalry” without showing any actual respect for it by working with Neuheisel. Again Carroll made this move only after it became clear to him that the Trojies were overwhelming favorites to clinch the Rose Bowl on our home turf.

Anyway, clearly the weak, pathetic, joke of an NCAA administration has all the time in the world to jump quickly and cave in response to a Pete Carroll stunt, while they keep lollygagging re. Reggie Bush, OJ2, and all other scandals at Southern Cal.

Guess the Trojans really own the NCAA.