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A Very Merry Bruin Christmas (and Happy Holidays)!

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I think it was Class of 66 who made the observation first few days ago in one of the comment threads. In some ways this has been the best December we have enjoyed since we launched this mini Bruin bar in the internets little more than four years.

There is not a lot of drama around our football program any more. We have a football coach in place who has our overwhelming support and our much maligned program in the right direction. We have what we believe the best coach in the land taking care of the most legendary basketball program in the nation. Our women's basketball team is off to their best start in almost three decades. An exciting baseball season is just around the corner while all of out other sports are just humming along contending for national championships.

Anyway you cut it, it has been another joyous year in this Nation. We have so much to be thankful about and so many more great moments to look forward to. Yeah, every day feels like a blue and gold X-Mas here on BN:

Bruin Santa came from here

It's a blessing to get to hang out with so many friends bleeding Bruin blue and gold here in Bruin Nation.

So on behalf of Odysseus, Ajax, Menelaus, Tydides, Achilles, Bellerophon, Meriones, Telemachus and ryebreadaz, I'd like to wish everyone a Merry Bruin Christmas and Happy Holidays.