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Latest On Walker Drama

owlfinder alerted everyone about this in the FanPosts. Per Brian Dohn (who not necessarily has the best sources when it comes to coaching searches as learned last year) Dewayne Walker is going out to New Mexico to take a tour of NMSU:

UCLA defensive coordinator DeWayne Walker emerged as the leading candidate for the New Mexico State head coaching job and will meet with administrators and get a tour of the campus Monday, according to sources.

A job offer has not yet been extended, but one could be given during Walker's visit to the Las Cruces campus. It is expected Walker would accept an offer.

Walker already spoke several times with Aggies athletic director McKinely Boston, and the two have a previous connection.

Walker played at Minnesota in the early 1980s, and Boston was Minnesota's athletic director in the early 1990s.

TCU offensive coordinator Mike Schultz and Alabama offensive coordinator Jim McElwain are the other finalists, according to sources.

Guess we will find out more about this on Tuesday. Dohn also dropped Ken Norton Jr's name in his report:

If Walker leaves UCLA, sources said Neuheisel will consider USC linebackers coach Ken Norton Jr., a former UCLA player, as a replacement.

That's interesting given as we have noted before Norton Jr. was also approached by the officials NMSU and he didn't even grant them a first interview.

I think there will be other names in the mix besides Norton Jr. should Walker decides to leave. We have already mentioned couple of names: Tim Hundley and Tim Hauck. I think others who CRN will also consider as Walker's replacement will also include the names of Bobby Hauck and may be even Chuck Bullough (our current DL coach) if he doesn't decide to follow Walker to a place like NMSU.

If Walker and NMSU scenario doesn't pan out, I don't think the drama will be over yet. If he doesn't end up at NMSU, I would keep an eye on what will transpire with the situation at LSU. I think either way the end game with Walker has a good chance of clearing up by the time bowl season is over. I don't think CRN is sweating all this too much because it's a good bet that he has a plan in place should Walker decide to jump and given what we have seen from the recruiting, we are doing just fine in that front as well.