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Next Stop: Pac-10

In their final preseason tuneup, the Bruins smother Louisiana Tech 78-55 (box score) to go to 10-2 on the year. Josh Shipp returned from his thumb injury to throw down 2 monstrous dunks (at least one of them with the injured left hand as shown below), showing that he isn't thinking too much about the thumb. He went 6-8 for 16 points to lead the Bruins. DC's scoring took a back seat, but he handed out 11 assists to keep the Bruin offense going. Jrue Holiday displayed all of his talents, with 12 points 8 rebounds and 6 assists, and Aboya was once again huge with 12 and 8 and plenty of charges taken.

This is clearly not the same team that we saw early in the year, and the team defense is just beginning to tighten up holding a clearly outmanned La Tech team to 36% shooting. It's not the percentage that's impressive but the activity and rotations. We saw trapping and hedging that we hadn't really seen at all this year which is an encouraging sign.


Photo Credit: AP/Gus Ruelas

Again, this team still has incredible upside, to borrow an NBA scouting term. Once again, CBH has our guys well positioned, and if we continue to improve at this rate throughout the conference season, there's a very good chance we could be bringing home yet another Pac 10 crown. That quest begins Friday in Corvallis.