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Center Court: Ben Ball (Texas) Open Thread

Let’s get the party started in a huge week in Bruin Nation.

As we have been discussing this week for our Ben Ball warriors to pull of an upset against one of the better teams in the country and possibly the best team in the Big-12, it will be up to DC and his backcourt mates to come up with a huge game:

Photo Credit: AP Photo/Frank Franklin II (via ESPN)

To check out all of notes on Texas Longhorns check out our game coverage here. Bruin Basketball report also has its game preview up.

The tipoff is scheduled for 6:00 pm PST. It will be on ESPN2. You can also track it on our official site.

Our guys have been amped up for this game for a while calling it a "test". Should be interesting to see how they perform in this big quiz (I wouldn’t call it a mid-term yet since this is only the 6th game of the season) to see what they have learned in first few weeks in Professor Howland’s classroom.

Fire away.