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Q&A With Chris Joseph, Rhodes Scholar

ESPN's Bruce Feldman has put up a Q&A with Chris Joseph, who recently earned a Rhodes scholarship.

Here is an excerpt:

Feldman: When did you first set getting the Rhodes as a goal?

Joseph: I was first made aware of it by professor Don Morrison of the UCLA Anderson School of Business. He encouraged me to pursue it for the better part of two years, but I didn't actually commit myself to the process until after I had finished playing football and graduated in June of 2008. I figured that I might as well try if I had even the faintest shot at getting it. So during the summer I did some research but only really began working full tilt on it from the beginning of August all the way up until the due date in early October.

Feldman: In what way has playing major college football helped you as a student?

Joseph: It has made me disciplined, especially in terms of managing my time and energy and applying them where and when it is needed and will be most beneficial to me. It's also kept me very focused and regimented, because while I was playing and also taking a full academic workload, there was little time for anything else, and also, one tends to breed success in the other. A focus and drive in either field creates success, so I was basically trying to do the same thing whether it was directed to football or school.

Here is a link to the whole story. (HT to MexiBruin).

Now -- back to Beat 'SC Week and back to UCLA-Texas.