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Southern Cal-UCLA: Close Your Eyes, Think Of (& Share) Three Bruin Memories

Bumped. GO BRUINS. -N

So thanks to A’s idea (w a HT to Halos Heaven) we have been playing a pretty fun game of "pre-game guesses" throughout this season starting with Tennessee. We didn’t get to do one for ASU because … well we took the day off for Turkey Day. Also, we still have to tabulate the scores for a number of games. I am sure A will get to them sometime. No worries.

I wanted to do something different for tomorrow’s game. Given this is always the biggest game of our football season, it makes sense to mix things up just a bit. Right?

So here is the deal. This is what I have been doing a lot last 48 hours to get ready for Saturday. I have been playing this from the Bourne soundtrack ...

The bourne supremacy - Goa (John Powell) (via susankatel)

... then turning up the volume, closing my eyes and picturing three memories around THIS GAME during my years of following UCLA football. Hey ... we are going to need some super human - Jason Bournesque - effort from our boys tomorrow for an epic right. Here are my three memories:

  • Barnes-Littleton Magic (1992): Do you remember it? Barnes calling the audible. He looks toward his right (at JJ) and moved his helmet just a bit before the snap. You know what happened rest of the way. I have also been envisioning the very last defensive play. Rob Johnson going for the win (thinking he was about to get revenge for his whiny big brother). Throws the pass and it was Nikosi Littleton batting down the pass. Game over. Bedlam in the student section. Don’t really have the words to describe the sheer euphoria, unbridled, pure emotional BRUIN JOY.

  • Goodwin’s Rose (1993): The year after. A classic UCLA-Southern Cal matchup with Rose Bowl on the line. Our OL dominated the whole day running all over the Trojies. Yet in the second half they make their charge as Rob Johnson burns Teddy Lawrence (those who think Norris has been having a tough time as a Bruin CB, should look up some old tapes of Teddy Lawrence … kidding Teddy … you are allright) in the last drive. They drove all the way down and got a 1st and goal for what could have been a Rose Bowl clinching TD. I don’t remember what happened in the first two attempts. I was up in the visiting section of the Mosoleum with all my buddies. All of us – all eight of us who went down to the game – were on our knees praying. Then it was 3rd and goal. It was a blur. Rob Johnson looking for a corner of the endzone only to find Marvin Goodwin crushing Trojan dreams. Bedlam again in the visiting section of the Mosoleum.

  • Lavelle Woods Becomes A "Hero" (1996): This was it. Trojies were going to snap the streak. Bruins were suffering through a tough, frustrating first season under Bob Toledo. Just how tough was the season? It included a mind-blowing choke job against Jake the Snake’s ASU Sun Devils at the Rose Bowl in a game we were up by something like 5 TDs. Not a lot of excitement around a 4-6 Bruin team heading into this game with a deflating loss against in Arizona. Trojans didn’t waste any time going up and controlling the game. Deep into the game they were up by 2 scores. We scored to cut it to a 7 pt deficit but there wasn’t much time left as the Trojies got the ball back. I was watching the game with bunch of Bruin friends at a bar (somewhere in East Coast). It was looking pretty bleak … and at that point couple of Trojans came into our area and started giving that salute. And then … all on a sudden … Lavelle Woods coughed it up and IIRC it was Kushanti Abdul Salam who came up with the recover. Number 18 and Skip Hicks didn’t waste that opportunity. Trojies still unbelievably had a chance to win the game in a makeable FG, but we blocked it to go to the OT. We preserved the streak and Lavelle Woods became a hero (for all the wrong reasons from the bad guy’s pov) in Bruin Nation.

Guess one can argue there were more than three. But I am lumping them into three cluster of memories I guess.  I keep thinking of those moments and replaying in my head when I am listening to the soundtrack with eyes closed.  So with that … share with us your three moments/memories/plays … from this game that you can remember.

If the track above doesn’t work for you pick your favorite track that gets you fired up, then close your eyes, and think of your three favorite moments from this game and then put them up in this thread.

It doesn’t matter whether you were watching in person or on television or its just something that’s burned into your psyche for eternity. So … ready, set, GO.


Share three of those (positive) moments to get us into THIS GAME DAY – the last one for 2008 – in Bruin Nation.Beat ’SC.