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The Bad Bruins: Postgame Thread

There aren't enough words to describe the overall disappointing effort up in Seattle. It's not that the Bruins lost, it's how they lost. We could spend all day arguing over the details, but it boils down to effort and desire. Getting outrebounded on both ends of the floor is not showing effort or desire.

Photo Credit: Ted S. Warren

I'm sure you all will fill in the details as far as this game goes in this thread, but for a moment lets take a look at what this means. We all know the Pac 10 is the toughest conference in the country, but losses like these are the ones that stand out when they're trying to decide who to give 1 seeds to. We've put ourselves up against the wall now, and it's now going to be a matter of how we finish. We can most likely sustain another loss and get a 1 seed, because given the state of the conference, I can't see the champion having any less than 3 losses. However, this goes in the bad loss category. We must avoid any more of the same if we want to be a 1 seed, and that includes next week at SUC.

We've got a lot of grumbling to get off of our chests. Air it out in the Postgame Thread.

(Oh, and please Luc, get that ankle healthy. We need the Royal treatment in the worst way.)