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Dirty Huskies

I will have lot more on the game tomorrow am.

Yes, I am upset as anyone about this afternoon's terrible loss. Yes, the effort and hustle we showed in this afternoon's game was disgraceful. But that doesn't warrant some of the reaction I am seeing here tonight, showing a total lack of perspective given what our program has done under CBH last five seasons.

Anyway, before we reflect on other parts of the game, I want  to get one issue out of the way.

Tim Morris and Husky team-mates are some of the most dirtiest players in college basketball. From AP write up on ESPN:

With UCLA down 66-61 with 47 seconds left because the Huskies had squandered much of a nine-point lead at the foul line, Washington's Tim Morris was about to get called for a five-second violation on an inbound play. Instead, he threw the ball off the nose of Alfred Aboya, who was guarding him closely across the boundary line, and it banged into an incensed UCLA bench.

The Huskies retained possession and Jon Brockman, who had 12 points and 17 rebounds, scored. Ryan Appleby added two free throws following a steal to put Washington (13-11, 4-7 Pac-10) up 70-61. The upset, accompanied by a wild celebration, was back on.

"He just threw it off the kid's face," UCLA coach Ben Howland said of Morris' sneaky trick.

When asked if that is OK, perhaps by the unwritten code of how to play the game, Howland shot back, "No."

"The official said there is nothing he can do," Howland said. "So I guess legally you can do it."
And this doesn't take into account the cheap shots Kevin Love was taking the entire game.

I hope AA2 and his team-mates get another crack against these guys Staples.

Of course this still doesn't excuse our lack of effort and hustle in this afternoon's game. Something we will talk about tomorrow. But still everyone knock off the drama and over reaction. Comparing tonight's effort Lavin's team shows a total lack of perspective.

The only team that reminded us of Lavin coached basketball team were the Dirty Huskies who have turned this game into their version of Lavin's Miracles at Maples.