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Thinking Pink

The UCLA women's basketball team defeated Washington Sunday, 75-68. In the victory at Pauley Pavilion, the Bruins wore special, pink-trimmed, Adidas uniforms, in support of "Think Pink", a breast-cancer awareness program.

According to Monday's Daily Bruin, the game and the uniforms held a special meaning for the team and sophomore center Moniquee Alexander, (pictured above in a Daily Bruin photo taken by Kimberly Lajcik.)

The Bruins' support for breast cancer awareness hits home as sophomore center Moniquee Alexander lost her mother to the illness when she was in middle school.

Alexander shared her story with the crowd on the video screen at halftime and wants to spread the message about getting tested early.

"It's important to raise awareness because when this disease attacks, it doesn't just attack the person, it attacks a family," Alexander said.

The pink uniforms not only symbolized a new look for the Bruins, but have a deeper meaning to anyone who has been affected by breast cancer.

"The first time I saw them in practice, I cried because my uncle always told me that one day someone was going to want to hear my story," Alexander said.

"Today was like I beat it, I beat the fight of losing my mom. Yes, she is gone, but today wearing pink was like my gift to her."