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Follow Up On The Dirty Huskies

Here is the video (HT BradleyBruin) of one of the dirtiest plays in college hoops we have seen in a while:

May be someone can get a better video of that?

It sounds like the Pac-10 office is now being vague about this cheap shot. From Dohn:

I spoke to to Bill McCabe, the Pac-10's coordinator of men's basketball officiating, about the play involving Washington's Tim Morris throwing the in-bounds pass off the face of UCLA's Alfred Aboya.
McCabe said he has not yet reviewed the tape (he expects to do so tonight) but did offer this response when asked about the philosophy of the rule.
"You can't throw the ball at a player if it's an unsporting act,'' McCabe said. "If you were trying to throw the ball off someone and have it go out-of-bounds, than it is open to interpretation."
Open to interpretation? LOL.

Perhaps Mr. McCabe ought to look at Morris's facial expression when he took smashed the ball right in AA2's face.

Romar may be a nice guy an all. And he may have only nice kids in his program. But if we don't get any formal apology from Romar and Morris, we will forever mark them as Dirty Huskies from our pov. Calling them classless would be kind after watching that replay. Sickening.


UPDATE:Thanks to TheTJCummingsEra for posting this video in the comment thread:

Wilbon's reaction as noted by bruin11 is priceless. Again, if Romar has shred of class and dignity, he'd make sure his program issues statements of apology from Tim Morris and himself. If we don't get apology in next 24-48 hours, we will mark up his program as "Dirty" from here on out. GO BRUINS. -N