CRN and PC agree to home uniforms for rivalry game

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According to Tracy Pierson of, Neuheisel and Trojan coach Pete Carroll have agreed to have each team wear home uniforms when the two rivals meet on Dec. 6 at the Rose Bowl.

Before 1982, the teams had a tradition: Both teams would wear their home uniforms. UCLA would don its home blue jerseys and USC would wear its home red. But in that year, the NCAA ruled that the visiting team must wear away uniforms. Since then, the visiting team has worn white to avoid a penalty and a forfeited time-out in the first half.

Neuheisel and Carroll have reportedly agreed that the home team will take a time-out to offset the one the visitors must forfeit. The penalty will be declined. The agreement is said to be set to last as long as Neuheisel and Carroll remain coaches of the respective schools.

I was already looking forward to the rivalry game this year at the Rose Bowl. It will be interesting to see how the trOJans react to Chow on the sidelines. I'm really excited now to know that the game will feature home colors.

I hate to repeat all the fanboy talk around here, but CRN has shown a tremendous amount of effort in getting people excited about UCLA football again. To have reached out to Sneaky Pete after only being here a short time speaks volumes about Neuheisel's ability to get things done in LA.

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