TrOJans in Black

Just to get things going for Sunday's game at Costco, I have exhumed the following message from Timmeh the Stress Case to TrOJan fans.  This was just posted on USC Basketball Update (with apologies for being among the Luddites who do not know how to block and link):

Trojan Fans,

We'd like to ask that everyone attending the game this Sunday vs. UCLA wear Black instead of your usual Cardinal and Gold. We want to show our cross town rivals what fan unity looks like. The game starts at 7:00pm and is a sell out, so make sure you arrive early and help us by being that 6th man out on the floor to give us a real home court advantage. Hope to see you all at the game.

Head Coach Tim Floyd

So, Timmeh wants to show us what "fan unity" looks like.  Over at SuC, it looks like empty seats for about 95% of the games.  

Perhaps Timmeh wants to capture that warm and fuzzy Raider Nation feeling they have at the Mausoleum.  He chose the right color.

I don't think Ben's warriors will be intimidated by the ketchup and mustard crowd wearing their Halloween best.

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