Davon Jefferson Talking Trash

From the LA Times USC Report...

"We kept it quiet, but we remembered those words when we played out there," sophomore guard Daniel Hackett said. "Things were said and it affected the game because there was a little more motivation, a little more fire."

USC players said they try to avoid riling up their opponents with pregame banter.

"We try not to say anything to disrespect any team, no matter who we play," sophomore guard Dwight Lewis said. "We're smart about what we say."


"We know what they like to go to, they know what we like to go to," Jefferson said of the Bruins. "I think we play better defense than them, and we have better big men."

Asked whether he expected UCLA to make adjustments considering they lost the first rivalry game, Jefferson said, "I hope so. I hope they come more physical, with better play. They're bigger than us on the inside, so I hope they at least come with some kind of strength or physicalness or something. Tell them to come with something."

Jefferson didn't see it in the first game?

"Nah, I didn't see it at all," he said. "None of them. So I hope they come with something. No excuses, no concussions, none of that."

Sounds like somebody didn't get the memo...

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