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Center Court: Ben Ball (JustSC) Open Thread

Here we go. Once again Ben Ball warriors are taking on a basketball team, which will be looking to make a name for itself at the expense of the magical four letter stitched in front of our uniforms.

As Coach Howland says, "every game means everything," and "[w]inning the conference title is everything."

With that in mind our Ben Ball warriors need to come out tonight calm, composed, and with the perspective of this is just another basketball. If we play our game grounded on DEFENSE we are going to be ok just like we were when we played in games with lot more on the line:

Photo Credit: Nick Krug,

In other words we cannot allow anything easy inside the pain tonight. If you want to read up more on this game go here and here.

The tip off is set for 7:00 pm PST (FSN/FSN Prime). If you are not getting the game on television you can follow it via links provided at the official site.

As always, if you are watching, listening, following, or tracking the game online, post your comments here.

This is our Ben Ball Warrior open thread.

Fire Away.