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Black Out At Pauley East: Bruins Throttle JustSC

Well Davon Jefferson, the Gap Closers 40 year old freshman wanted us to come with "something."

Well he got his wish. RW and rest of our warriors came out and gave Timmeh's NIT caliber basketball program a little dose of Ben Ball. They dished up DJ a little "something":

Photo Credit: Victor Decolongon/Getty Images (via Yahoo)

The final score was 56-46. But it wouldn't have been close if our guys were shooting their FTs. Here is the box score.

So the gap closers played a little dress up tonight.  But the only guy who was blacked out today was an over-hyped freshman who got dominated, destroyed, and savaged by an super sophomore - Russel Westbrook - on the defensive side of the ball. Yes, OJ2 hit double digits ... in turnovers.

Kevin Love comes through in clutch. DC with his share of clutch shots. But the game ball for tonight goes to the Prince. Yes, Luc comes back with a strong performance. He scores 10 pts and hauls in 11 rebounds. But it was his defensive presence that made the difference tonight at Pauley East.

Either Love or DC will end up being our MVP this season. But I maintain it will be LRMAM who will turn out to be the MIP (most important player) of this year's Bruins.

Anyway, it was just another win against JustSC. I know some of you were a little extra fired up for this game. But as I maintained all along in the greater scheme of things this game will have jus as much significance as any other regular season game this season.

Our guys still have issues to work out on offense. Hopefully they will use tonight as a launching point to close out the season strong and bring in our 3rd straight Pac-10 title. We will have lot more on this game tomorrow night.

For now though thread it up in our Ben Ball post game victory thread.