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JustSC Video Package

Due to previous commitments I couldn't see the game live, but here are video highlights.

First off, this is what I like to see at the end of a game:

Great to see the togetherness and mutual respect between Love and DC.

On to the game highlights.

The black uni's were apropos as it certainly was a blackout night, esspecially for T.O. Mayo (thanks LA Seitz). Let's start with his miserable 2-8 bricklaying night of futility:

He did manage to have a sparkling game-leading double-digit stat (earning him his new initials), single-handedly beating UCLA 10-9 in that category:

I had to split this into two videos he had so many:

Westbrook gets the credit for running around all night denying, stealing the ball a couple of times and just pestering T.O. all night. Love got into the act too, accounting for half of Mayo's turnovers, with five steals of his own.

Ugly win, but perfect preparation for tournament play. The team needs to have confidence to be able to win big, small and in between. Bruins video package follows.