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A "Standard" Ben Ball Beatdown

Well ladies and gentlemen. That was kind of fun.

I won't get into game analysis right now. I will get to that tomorrow. As Bilas said this was a "beatdown." The final score was 82-60 and again it wasn't close. Here is the early boxscore.

Love with another classic night. RW was on fire. DC was smooth as he and his team-mates put on another ferocious display of Ben Ball defense.

Yeap. I don't think anyone is wondering which team is the "Standard" of the Pac-10:

Photo Credit: Lisa Blumendfeld/Getty Images (via Yahoo sports)

Once again Ben Ball warriors let the game do their talking in what turned out to be (as my friend Paul said via IM) a non stop three hour commercial of the greatest university in the country on WWL.

The only thing I am worried about is Luc's ankle. Hopefully the kid is all right.

For now though ... why wait for me to analyze how our Ben Ball warriors once again shredded "the Standard." Offer up your thoughts here or in the diaries.

Otherwise enjoy, revel, and celebrate in yet another Ben Ball blowout victory thread.