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OSU Video Package

What does a good team do against an inferior team - it dominates. (No offense intended to the Beavers - tough season and then down two players for disciplinary reasons.) It starts with defense - OSU shot 34.5%, a lot having to do with 10 blocks by the Bruin defense.

And how about the resurgence of Mata-Real? He was a beast out there, coming off the bench and looking more like the player we've all come to know.

Speaking of the bench, the rest of them contributed and maintained the lead through "garbage time." Look for the last highlight of Matt Lee's most excellent assist to Stanback.

The bench players logged good minutes, because the starters got it done early, extending the lead to over 30 before turning it over to the bench.

When the starters play like that, they get to enjoy their time on the bench.

And fans like us can relax and enjoy this.

Nice to get this one done so easily, but Saturday is looming. It's back to work, because this is only one more step to the ultimate goal.