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LET'S GO! Ben Ball Warriors Pull Out A Big Win


I have to admit. I started getting pretty nervous in the second half this afternoon as this game at the outset had some of the markings of frustrations we were experiencing in our previous three losses. I had to leave the game thread because I personally felt like I had to try something different to create some mojo. :)

It wasn't that our shots were not falling from the outside. Our defense was a little lethargic (at the outset). We were not dominating a smaller team around the boards. And we weren't making our FTs.

No one was stepping up for a while. And then someone decided to impersonate AA.

Uhm yeah. I'd say that got everyone "going." Our defensive tenacity returned. That's right Russell Westbrook stepped up and got his team-mates and the whole Pauley crowd fired up in that emphatic moment in the second half.

That was the moment the whole complexion of the game changed. These guys were in total frenzy

AP Photo/Branimir Kvartuc (via ESPN)

DC stopped being tentative with his dribbling. Love stepped up after Coach Howland encouraged him during a crucial time out. We got out with a huge win. The final score was 75-65. Here is the box score.

Lot more on this game tomorrow (can't wait to see Tele's video package in the morning). For now enjoy the Saturday and enjoy a huge win.

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