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Familiar Tunes

From John Canzano in the Oregonian today:

As he did so, Kent blamed a general deficiency in "poise" for Oregon blowing a double-digit second-half lead to the Bruins. And he threw point guard Tajuan Porter under the proverbial team bus that was warming up outside, announcing, "TP is struggling right now." And Kent blamed the defeat on a lack of on-court leadership for the team's slump.

A deficiency in leadership?


Just not the one Kent was talking about.
Yes. That should sound familiar to everyone here on Bruins Nation. We have heard that tune over, over and over again during the years here at BN.

Lucky for us we don't have put up with that kind of BS any more. I don't know what will happen with Oregon's hoops program. I have already heard murmurs of Mark Few or Mike Montgomery (none of whom poses any kind of threat to UCLA) taking over for the Ducks this off-season.

Who knows what will happen to them rest of the season? I believe all of their remaining regular season games are at home. They could certainly win all 3 and then make a run in the Pac-10 tourney. Coach Howland thinks they are a team worthy of being in the tournament. Well I certainly believe they have the talent not to just be a tourney caliber team but to be a Sweet-16/top-20 program in the country. But I guess something is terribly screwed up when you read stories like this (from the same link, emphasis added):
The Ducks lost 75-65 to UCLA on Saturday, making Kent's team 0-2 on what was a critical Southern California trip this week, and after the game, Kent appeared outside the Oregon locker room wearing his "Elite Eight" ring from last season.
As bad as Dorrell was at least he never wore a Sun Bowl championship ring (then again he probably would have worn a 13-9 ring if that was available during those last few months). I don't envy Oregon fans.