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Moving On Up

RW and rest of the Ben Ball warriors keep climbing:

Photo Credit: Jack Rosenfeld

UCLA moves up 2 spots to number 4 in both polls.

For those who are keeping track Joe Lunardi's bracektology on WWL, he has us as the number 2 seed out West (behind Texas).

FWIW I have no problem with that bracket at this snap shot in time given our loss to Texas on our home floor, and the 'Horns' double digit win over the Vols earlier in the season. As long as we stay out West, I could care less.

But, again, none of that matters. We have a harrowing road trip coming up. Our guys need to keep their eye on the ball, which is playing their brand of ferocious D from start to finish, which was on display during the last mins against Southern Cal and Oregon.

For now, here is to RW and our boys getting the job done this past week and moving on up. Let's hope they can keep climbing this Thursday night.