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CRN's "Rotation"

I don't think we have to go in detail to describe how CRN has been an absolute energizer bunny since taking over our program. Kevin Pearson from the Press Enterprise gave us a little description of how CRN has been on the move ever since he arrived at UCLA as he has been practically living out of a suitcase (HT bluestreet):

Since taking over the Bruins program on Dec. 29, there has been little time for things such as decorating and finding a home. Instead, the former UCLA quarterback-turned-head coach has spent his time shoring up a recruiting class and hiring an all-star staff while his family remains on the East Coast.

"Getting here, it's been a non-stop process but an exhilarating one," Neuheisel said. "It's still surreal to know that I'm not just visiting."

Neuheisel may no longer be visiting, but making himself at home is a process that will undoubtedly take some time.

With his family still in the Baltimore suburbs -- Neuheisel worked the previous three seasons as an assistant with the Ravens -- the coach has been living out of a hotel and jokes that he is on a four-day rotation of clothes, most of which are strewn all over his room.
A "four-day rotation of clothes"? Well he might have been joking, but  check this out. Here was CRN making his ESPN appearance during the Arizona game:

And there he was again making his ABC appearance few weeks later during the Oregon game:

May be he wasn't "joking" about the four day rotation! Same shirt (from what I could make of out of those clips), but different shade of fleece?

Okay we are kidding coach. We don't care. What we do appreciate is the different vibe (energy) that is around the program, which is being felt even by professional skeptics such as Brian Dohn:
One thing I noticed during the first two months of UCLA coach Rick Neuheisel's tenure is how different he is, not to mention comfortable, in the public spotlight when compared to former coach Karl Dorrell.
When not out recruiting, Neuheisel is at every basketball game, chatting with fans, shaking nearly everyone's hand and holding court with a group of people. During halftime of Saturday's game against Oregon, Neuheisel was along one of the baseline chatting with a close circle of boosters.
By contrast, I rarely saw Dorrell at basketball games, could never remember him holding court with people nearby and rarely was approachable for interviews in the offseason.
More from Dohn on the "good vibe" around our program:
In speaking with several of UCLA's offensive players on campus in the last week or so, each one is telling me about the morning workouts and how they are getting a good vibe from the new coaching staff. They talk about the intensity of the workouts, the direction they get and the enthusiasm.
Now, these workouts are for conditioning and do not include football drills. It would be against NCAA rules for coaches to be out there when throwing, route running and blocking drills are taking place.
That said, these words come from players I trust, and not guys who would give lip service just because it is a new staff.
Shocking. We know.

Again I understand right now CRN is in a "honeymoon period" during which he will be in everyone's good graces. So we have to keep it all in perspective while taking in posts and stories like this. However, that said it is undeniable that there is a different sense of energy around our program. For the first time in long time we have a head coach who understands and gets what it means to connect with the entire university community, not just go through the motions and obligations imposed upon him as the head football coach.

I fully expect CRN and our program to go through rough patches (and we will delve into our expectations for next season in detail later in the year) this coming season. And I have no doubt we will have some of the professional skeptics come out of the woodwork after some tough games. But just like we did with Coach Howland in his early years, we are going to give CRN our full support as long as he keeps busting his rear end to rebuild our program (within the rules). No one here will care about his closet-rotation as long as he keeps bringing the same energy, passion, vision on the field (and get things done) as he has done off the field ever since taking over our program. Okay ... kidding. We may take note just a bit to poke a little fun. After all we are obsessive when it comes to everything concerning UCLA sports.

Coming to think of it I think CRN should be wearing that same shirt/attire during Ben Ball game days through rest of the season. It sure did the trick against Arizona and Oregon. Why not keep the mojo going?