Asshats (ie Mike Waldner): The Pathology of So Cal's MSM

Steve Lavins of the world love to demonize the UCLA basketball fan base as "unreasonable." How many times have you heard asshats like Lavin talk about the "pathology" of UCLA basketball pointing to us - fans - as the reason why we undeserving and horrible coaches like him got the boot when they came to UCLA.

What Lavins of the world will not tell you is we possibly have one of the dumbest, stupidest, and laziest MSM reporters in the country covering college sports in Los Angeles.

The latest example, Mike Waldner from the Daily Breeze. The tool offers up a wankerific "commentary" on UCLA's offense without offering up any facts or statistics to back up his asinine argument. Mikey says:

With the coming of freshman Kevin Love and the growth of Darren Collison and associates, this was projected as a magical season for Howland and the Bruins. Since the only banners hanging in Pauley Pavilion commemorate NCAA championships, magic was a code word for winning the national championship.

UCLA has had flashes of brilliance, early in January when it won at Stanford and against Washington State, four weeks ago against Arizona State and Arizona and back on the road at Washington State.

The Bruins also lost to a very good Texas team and to, shudder, so-so USC. They flattened out in recent weeks, losing to struggling Washington and then playing far below championship level in wins against USC and Oregon.

This is not leading to a slap-in-the-face prediction UCLA will follow the lead of USC's 2007 football team and underachieve. It is a note of caution about the degree of difficulty of winning national championships. It's not that easy.

There is time to restore order.

Restoring "order"? Just WTF is Mike Talking about? Is Mike saying UCLA at 24-3 and at top of the Pac-10 is not having a "great" season?

I will concede the loss to Washington was bad. But how about giving some credit to Texas and SuC for playing well at Pauley? But why should we let those 3 losses undercut what our team has done despite battling through adversities the whole season playing without 3 of out top 7 guys in rotation for part or most of the season.

Mikey's vomit continues:

How about the offense?

It does not exist. Other than when everyone checks with the sideline to get a play from Howland, the Bruins are hesitant, tentative and indecisive. And that's when they're playing their best basketball.

Hey Mikey if you are reading this come with me and visit this link on

Are you there yet? If you are there you will see UCLA's offense is ranked number 4 in the country (in "Adj. Efficiency"). Not sure where you went to school but if you can grasp basic statistics that will tell you that according Pomeroy, famous hoops guru that basketball junkies across the country pay attention to, we have the 4th best offense in the country. Defensively we are also in the top-5 by the way.

Not only our offense is doing all right, it is doing much better than what we have done in past two seasons

I agree that our offense at times need to get a little crisper. The Oregon game could have been an anomaly given Love was off. But to use that game to argue our offense is missing?

One more pearl of wisdom from Mikey:

There is no rhythm and flow in their half-court game. And they're not shooting all that well .Poor Mikey. If he did some basic research, he would find out UCLA has the second best FG percentage in the Pac-10 conference and also ranks second in scoring.

Ass meet the Hat.

No wonder this douchebag is writing for the Daily Breeze.

Next time some guy is blathering about "pathology" of unreasonable and demanding UCLA fans, instead of looking at the fans, they should be looking to crap like this coming out of the key boards of wankers in So. Cal's MSM.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.

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