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Center Court: Ben Ball (Arizona State) Open Thread

All right let's get this on. Bruins start their last true road trip (with games on opponent's home court) tonight.

All week we have talked about how Shipp needs to get his shot going and how our half court offense needs to become a little crisper. We have talked about how DC and co need to be a little more decisive with their decision making as they drive to the basket. After all this it will still come down to this:

Photo Credit: AP Photo/Kevork Djansezian (via ESPN)

It will come down to our ability to play the same lock down defense we played in our last road game.

I don't need to go on about how this is going to be a tough game as the Devils will go all out in front of their home crowd to avenge a humiliating loss from earlier in the season and more importantly to shore up their tickets to the Big Dance. If you want to read up more on this game go here and here.

The tip off is set for 7:30 pm PST (FSN Prime Ticket). If you are not getting the game on television you can follow it via links provided at the official site.

As always, if you are watching, listening, following, or tracking the game online, post your comments here.

This is our Ben Ball Warrior open thread.

Fire Away.