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Our Ben Ball Warriors March On

What's wrong with our (25-3) Ben Ball warriors?

From what I read all week Shipp has gone mental and our offense is ... uhm ... 'nonexistent'.

If people want to ... they can keep reading the traditional media ... and keep believing there is something wrong with our warriors. We will let our guys just do all their talking through their games:

Photo Credit:AP Photo/Paul Connors (ESPN)

Kevin Love and his team-mates rock and roll through the desert with a huge win over a talented ASU team. The final score was 70-49. Here is the early boxscore.

Love notches his 17th double-double of the season with 18 pt and 12 rebounds. Yeah, I don't think he had any problem with this "energy" level tonight.

Love's team-mates - DC/Shipp - burn it up from 3 point line scoring 15 and 14 pts. RW had his share of spectacular players while shutting down Ty Abott and Luc with a great defensive night keeping Harden in check. Bruins did get a little sloppy with a huge lead in the second half on the road. But I think that's something they can work on polishing up in the future games.

So our Ben Ball warriors march on. We will have more tomorrow.

If you are a believer have fun, enjoy, thread it up in yet another Ben Ball post game victory thread.