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A Toast To The Roundball Mecca

We are now in the last day of February.

Yes my mind is completely on the game on Sunday. And I am really thinking of anything else besides taking care of Arizona. But it is still hard not to get excited about the fact that March is here.

Just five years ago this time of the year was the most miserable one of my sports season. Bruins were no where in the national conversation re. March Madness, while Lakerland seemingly was lost in one endless drama after another in tiresome Shaq-Kobe soap opera.

Just thinking back to agony of all those years ... it is just nice to see this:

And this:

I don't know how this season ultimately will end up for both of those teams. Bruins may not end up winning banner number 12, while the Lakers may not end up hanging banner number 15. But to me that doesn't matter. Where you are, whatever you are doing this Friday, if you are a hoop junkie with Southern California roots, take a moment and savor it in: both of our teams are in position to make a run. Raise a glass to the Roundball Mecca of America.

Hey BN brothers and sisters who root for the Warriors ... you get B'Diddy. So life is not all that bad for you either. Here is to a Baron v. Jordan showdown in the West after we are done celebrating number 12.

Anyway back to Ben Ball. Let's hope our boys are ready for another huge game on Sunday. We will zero in on the Wildcats tomorrow am.