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Bumped. GO BRUINS. -N

Another blowout win by the Bruins, but you wouldn't have predicted it during the first 11 minutes, during which the teams meandered to a 9-9 tie. Westbrook got his second foul about six minutes in and had to sit down. About the only really good news during that period was Shipp's first 3-point basket, breaking his 0-20 streak, giving the Bruins the early 3-0 lead, and Collison's first 3-pointer from NBA range foreshadowed the night he was going to have.

With less than 9 minutes left in the half, the Bruins went on a 20-9 run, keyed by tough defense. Blocked shots and steals kept ASU at bay while the Bruin offense began to heat up.

Love and DC did most of the damage during the run. Love did what he does inside and getting to the free-throw line. Meanwhile, DC was draining threes, which was critical, because despite Shipp's first made 3-pointer, he would miss his next three straight. He finally connected on a momentum changing trey which followed Harden's missed dunk. Instead of the lead being trimmed to three, it was extended to eight, 26-18, with about a minute to play.

The momentum was extended into halftime with DC's (fourth consecutive) three.  He turned awkwardly to retrieve a bad pass following Luc's block at the other end, but still managed to put the shot up, with the ball hitting the net as the buzzer sounded giving the Bruins a 29-18 halftime lead.

As usual, Howland made the right halftime adjustments (well, ASU's zone wasn't working since DC was shredding it). Less than four minutes into the half the Bruins were up 44-23 punctuated by Shipp's NBA range 3-pointer

During the next four minutes, ASU took a couple of points off the lead, but we were still seemingly in control, with scoring in the paint and another NBA-range 3-pointer by Shipp.

However, things got dicey from 12 minute mark as the Bruins would not score from the field for nearly six and a half minutes. Things were a little ugly for both teams, with missed dunks and sloppy play. A couple of great outlet passes from Love were wasted. During this time, ASU cut the lead to 14 points at 53-39.

Love broke through with 5:48 to play and the Bruins would not look back. The lead never dipping below 14 with the Bruins scoring their last 17 points on layups or free-throws as the Bruins blew out the devils by 21.

Toughness: Just another example of the hacking Love gets with no call, game in and game out.

Leadership: Gotta love this. UCLA up 14 with about three minutes to play, Collison has the ball stolen. He doesn't sulk. Instead, he just gets back on defense, races back downcourt and steals the ball back. That from someone who would end up playing 39 minutes.

Let's hope the team is rounding into tournament form and is ready to handle the back end of this trip.

Postgame interviews with Shipp and Collison: