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Bumped again. Congrats to Coach Coughlin and his NY Giants. Looks like adhering to Coach Wooden's teachings worked out really well. The Giants reach the mountain top riding UCLA's "Pyramid of Success." GO BRUINS. -N

Bumped. Thanks again Grok. GO BRUINS and GO GIANTS. -N

Before I get to the videos, I do have to acknowledge the SuperBowl today. Now, normally I wouldn't waste BN readers' time with non-UCLA topics, but I have to tell you why I'm rooting for the Giants today. If you didn't see College Gameday prior to yesterday's matchup with the Mildcats, what follows is one of the segments. After announcing that Coach Wooden received the most votes as the person LA sports fans would like to have dinner with, ESPN followed up with a segment on Giants head coach Tom Coughlin. I'll let the video do the talking.

So I'll be watching with much more interest today, and if the Giants should win I hope Coach Coughlin will fly out here and visit the Coach in person to thank him for his influence.

'Nuff about the SuperBowl, next page for the highlights.

Can you say DOMINATING?

The final margin is misleading as we were up 31 points with three minutes remaining when AZ scored nine straight points against our backup players to end the game.

Against the regular rotation AZ had no answer as the Bruins sliced through the Mildcat "defense" for 22 layups out of 32 made field goals, many from fastbreaks keyed off defense. The tone was set early on with eight points off layups:

Meanwhile, Luc Richard Mbah a Moute was the eraser against Budinger's offense, and if it wasn't for Westbrook totally pwning him, we might not remember that Budinger was even in the game:

But let's get back to the layups. Our passing was "cutting up" the AZ defense for easy buckets, and Love continued to showcase his incredible outlet passing:

The Bruins did hit a few short-range jumpers as well as a couple of threes, including Love's now obligatory trey:

Okay, we Love those threes, but the following is what this guy brings every night.

As I mentioned earlier, the Bruins had 22 layups. To put this in perspective, after Love scored his three for a 52-30 lead with 15:50 to go, the next 30 points were either layups or freethrows, as the lead balloned to 31 points, with AZ having no answer.

Only two bad things out of game. One was a couple of frustration fouls by the 'Cats, with Shipp being on the receiving end of both. I will be charitable and wouldn't necessarily call them cheap shots. In the first, I think Bayless was just reeling with AZ behind early 21-8. And Budinger, being frustrated all day offensively and totally brutalized by Westbrook, lost it a little and was rightly charged with a flagrant foul. I give credit to Shipp for keeping his cool; he just picked up his lunch pail and went back to work. The second bad thing, of course, was Luc's injury. Let's hope it's just a mild sprain and that he'll be able to come back quickly. His defensive intensity really has made a difference.

All in all, a fine couple of home games, being a poor host for our ASU and UA guests, following up the great road trip against the Oregon schools. Which leaves me pickin' up good vibes for the second half of conference play:

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