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Where's Grok451?

(With tongue firmly in cheek) Still right here, reporting for duty in our righteous war against the lowly Trojans and any of those that would seek to dislodge us from our rightful place in the universe of gladiatorial excellence in which we have already claimed 100 undisputed Championships over those who would challenge us.

It is I, Grok451, having recently assumed the name of Telemachus [Tel-LEM-a-kiss], meaning "far-away fighter", which is apropos. When our warriors go to battle in the Cathedral, our Grand Stadium, or at the faraway homes of our enemies, if I cannot be there, then I am here, away from battle, but fighting nonetheless. Through words and images, conveying the carnage and victory of battle to the BruinsNation, far and wide. To inform, or daresay I, even to convert, those that seek knowledge of all that is Bruin. Can I hear an Amen?

Okay, I'll tone down the hyperbole. =)

It is a honor to join Nestor and his band who have made this the best place for all things Bruin. I have to say that during the bleak years, it was hard to be an enthusiastic Bruins fan. I found Nestor's site awhile ago and it was a great outlet to channel frustration in a positive way, enjoy the resurgence of the basketball program, and BN quickly became my first stop to check on Bruins happenings. Thanks Nestor, the crew and all contributors and posters.

Now, with the installment of CRN and his staff, we are on the cusp of bringing football back to the national scene. Truly a great time to be a Bruin and BN is one of the best ways to share the joy with other UCLA fans.

So let's kick off the race to First to 200 with my latest upload, which is last year's FSN's First to 100 broadcast. I've had it for awhile, but couldn't post due to YouTube and photobucket length restrictions. Thanks to hiltigger of Bruinville's post of CRN at the UA game, I found a place to upload this rather lengthy video file.

Here's the link to download the entire 22 minute broadcast. It's about 200mb so be patient when downloading, because you'll get a higher quality version than what can get posted on YouTube or photobucket. Enjoy!