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Lost amidst all the excitement around our recruiting class was this little detail from Dohn today. Dohn reports that Chow's K at UCLA is a three year deal:

UCLA still hasn't released details of new offensive coordinator Norm Chow's contract, but several high school seniors who signed with the Bruins on Wednesday said they were told Chow agreed to a three-year deal.

UCLA officials would not comment on the matter, but sources confirmed that was the length of Chow's contract agreement with the school.

It is a sign UCLA has changed its philosophy in the contract agreements of the top assistants in the football program.

New Bruins coach Rick Neuheisel agreed to a five-year contract when he was hired Dec. 29.

While Chow's deal is for three years, defensive coordinator DeWayne Walker stayed with the school after agreeing last month to a two-year deal that will pay him $375,000 annually.

Monetary details of Chow's contract were not available, but sources said the school and Chow could backload the deal because of his pre-existing contract with the Tennessee Titans. The reason a 3 year deal is a change from previous UCLA `philosophy' is because UCLA used to sign assistants to 1 year deal.

The excitement around our program is evident all over the place. This week it became official that we are going to play our spring football game at the Rose Bowl: UCLA reached agreement with the Rose Bowl about holding its spring game there. Here is the release:

UCLA's Spring Football game will take place at the Rose Bowl on Saturday, April 26. The time will be determined later.
The Spring Football game will coincide with a Select-A-Seat Day at which current season ticket holders who renew for the 2008 season by the March 14 deadline will have the opportunity to improve their location if they so choose. I imagine lot of people are out there lining up for good seats. Because everyone will want to take in good views of a little thunder:

And lightning:

BTW so much for UCLA not being a big time football program. Can anyone tell how many programs are there in America where a new head coach can just come in and in a span of 3-4 weeks finish off a top-10 recruiting class and generate this kind of fiery enthusiasm around its program?

No doubt CRN is responsible for unleashing the passion bucket. But it sure helps him that he is leading the football program of the greatest university in the country.


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