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Ben Ball Warriors GET IT DONE Again

Let's see here. Our Ben Ball warriors get on the road to play in couple of grueling games in which they are expected play desperate teams ready to give their best shots against the four letters o their uniforms. Their trip gets all screwed up as their plan has to take a little detour because of bad weather at some place in Idaho. They end up traveling for almost 9 hrs to take on one of the toughest defensive teams in the country.

They take the court without the glue in their defense. The opposing crowd is in a frenzy.  Their shots are not falling. Yet they get it done.

Like stone cold assassins they get the job done.

Photo Credit: AP Photo/Dean Hare (via ESPN)

The final score was 67-58. Here is the early boxscore.

Once again Love and DC comes through in the clutch. All of their team-mates chip in including heady contributions from Westbrook, Shipp, Keefe, and AA2. What a great effort without Luc as our warriors pull out another gritty win.

More tomorrow. For now the court is yours.

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Thread away BN.