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Building Up Sweet Memories

I will never get tired of sounding like a broken record when it comes to talking about how we need to take it one game at a time. After last night's huge win the focus should completely be on Washington.

Sure the Huskies are reeling. However, the fact remains Coach Howland has never beaten them in Seattle as a UCLA head coach. And it was just last year when we stumbled there in a bad loss, which featured an unfocused performance following a Pac-10 clinching game at Pullman. This year they are struggling but once again they will fired up for our game because they will probably treat it as their championship game of the season. And they have enough talent to pull of an upset. So I am sure Coach Howland will be reminding our guys of all those points heading into Sunday. We will have more on that game tomorrow.

Meantime at least for tonight I couldn't stop looking at the countdown clock above after stumbling into this video:

Just like the images in ewcorpuz's "amazing," that gave me the chills. The memories of those teams are worth keeping in mind as we are following the progression of the latest edition of our Ben Ball warriors. All those teams (well the ones - 94/95, 05/06 and 06/07 - I got to follow on day by day basis) got to play in April because they kept improving on a game by basis the whole season. I imagine that was the case for those magical teams during the era of JRW.

One last note before I close out my Friday night. In my last post when I was musing out loud that Keefe should get more mins, I wasn't necessarily knocking AA2's game. As I mentioned AA2 is indispensible to this team and it was evident last night in his contributions on the defensive side and in his trademark hustle and tenacity all over the floor. And same goes for Shipp who wasn't "on" from outside but made his mark by playing within control, not forcing shots, and doing what he could to get his team-mates involved. Same goes for Mata-Real who was tough as nails on the defensive side and chipped in his contributions in the scoring column. That was a total team effort. And we will need more of that on Sunday when we are going to take on a fired up Husky team.

If we keep up our current game by game progression this team has a chance to build up its own sweet memories and end up in an updated version of that video. I think our Ben Ball warriors know it inside that they have that chance.  I am also confident they also know to get to that ultimate goal they will need to work and improve through game by game (and they got a little reminder few weeks ago against the Gap Closers from cross town).  

All of this makes following these guys that much more fun. It's a bummer that regular season have to end so soon because I have been enjoying watching every minute of our Ben Ball warriors growing up and developing game by game. Again hopefully they come out focused, intense, and on fire, as we continue on this ride of building up sweet memories of yet another magical Ben Ball season.

Happy Friday everyone.