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UCLA @ WSU Video Package

First off, Coach Howland's post-game interview:

The Bruins were pretty shaky in the first half, possibly due to the after effects of their long journey through Idaho to get to Pullman. They were fortunate to be tied at the half, when Rochestie's three was [correctly] ruled as not having beat the clock.

That was the difference between having the Cougs with momentum and feeling pretty good about themselves versus feeling they just sort of survived, given how poorly UCLA was playing.

Can you say enough about the game Darren Collison had? Especially since he was suffering flu-like symptoms according to Dohn. After going 0-4 in the first half, DC turned it on the 2nd half, scoring 18 points on layups, jumpers and 7 of 7 clutch free throws.

Love had quite a battle as he was being double-team and treated with the "hack-a-shaq" defense, with the TV guys commenting on the scratches evident on his body. But Love still ended up only one rebound short of another double-double.

The Bruins had twice as many layups (18) and jumpers (9), with 7 of those layups scored by Westbrook, facilitated by outlet passes (Love, of course), steals, and assists.

Shipp had another quiet scoring night, but again contributed in other ways - 4 assists, 4 rebounds.

The supporting cast also did their part. Mata-Real had a couple of dunks and a block. Aboya scored two buckets of his own, plus had a great block hustling back on defense. Keefe was an efficient 2 of 2 shooting, including a three, along with four rebounds and only one foul in 11 minutes of play.

Lastly, here are the post-game interviews with Collison and Love.

Nice to get out of Pullman with a "W". Let's hope the team has a better trip from Pullman to Seattle to take on the doggies.