Bruins Get a Little Help

Coming into the weekend, UCLA was considered to be a No.2 seed in the NCAA Tournament, right behind Texas. That will all change on Monday.

Texas lost to Texas Tech on Saturday, 83-80. click here for the box score if you are interested.

Texas trailed for most of the game and did a great job of fighting back to come within three points, but in the end it wasn't enough.

Bracketologists and analysts were giving Texas the upperhand in the race for No.1 due to the head-to-head victory over the Bruins. Now though, the Bruins have the better record, presumably giving them the No.1 seed. Our Ben Ball warriors need to play well tomorrow and hopefully come into McKale center with the same intesity as the first time they played Arizona, an 82-60 romping.
Stanford defeated Washington St. today, setting up a collasal meeting at Pauley next Thursday. Bruins win and they're regular season Pac 10 champs. Should everything go according to plan (defeating Cal, the Cardinal, and winning the Pac 10 tournament) our Ben Ball warriors will be a No.1 seed come tournament time.

18 days until March Madness; who's excited for the quest for banner No.12?  

Go Bruins!

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