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Testing . . . testing . . . this is a test

Update [2008-3-2 1:54:16 by Telemachus]: Please note I have changed the link to the video site. Please update your bookmarks!

As you know I've been posting video highlights of our Bruins in action. I appreciate all of the positive feedback and continue to hope this adds to the enjoyment of Bruins fans everywhere, especially those in faraway places with no video feed.

One thing I've been disappointed with is the video quality through photobucket (and YouTube isn't any better), although some of it is also due to the quality of the original recordings, since I record off analog cable.

I just started a 14-day trial with a service that provides better quality compression and larger playback size. I've uploaded videos from the recent ASU game and Westbrook's monster dunk from the Cal game. I also plan to upload at least some the videos from Sunday's game using the service. The quality of the videos through this service is definitely better.

Unlike photobucket or YouTube, I've been unable to figure out how to embed these videos in the blog posts. So you'll have to go directly to this link. You may have to install the latest version of Apple QuickTime (I had to upgrade from version 6 to version 7). You can get the upgrade here. I chose the version without iTunes. Despite what it seems at the website, you don't have to provide an email address to get the download and can uncheck the spam options.

Another issue is that I couldn't get QuickTime to work with FireFox (my regular broswer), so I have to use Internet Exploder, uh, I mean Explorer to view the videos. You may have the same issue if you use FireFox or non-IE browser.

So now you all have something to do Saturday, while we wait for Sunday's game!

Post your experiences, problems, questions in this thread.