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Well then.

There is no need to gloat around here.

Ben Ball warriors clinch what is very likely to be their first number 1 seed under Coach Howland at UCLA.

Bruins play their best game since they trashed Arizona a few weeks ago on national TV. They come out with fire, focus, and intense desire, reminding us of the Ben Ball warriors of the last two Marches.

DC was in total command (19 pts, 5 assists). Shipp got back in rhythm scoring 18 and going 3 for 6 from the three point line. Love got in foul trouble a little early but LMR comes in to firestart a classic Ben Ball lockdown/defensive rally with monster blocks (4 of them) and this ferocious dunk:

Photo Credit: AP Photo/Kevork Djansezian (Via ESPN)

The final score was 88-66 and it wasn't even that close. Here is the box score and AP recap. Again the best part of tonight's game was the way our guys came out in first half. DC and his team-mates had fire in their eyes and the Bears didn't have a prayer.

As mentioned above Bruins can now be pretty much assured of a number 1 seed out West, which will be their first number 1 seed since 1995.

Yeah. I know we have a game tomorrow night. It's against Southern Cal and no doubt there will be a lot of hype in LA's MSM. But I don't really care. Bruins should just come to tomorrow feeling no pressure, letting it all hang out, playing lose, as if they are playing a glorified exhibition game. All I care about is making sure we play our game but more importantly stay healthy for the Big Dance.

Go ahead. Thread it up in a Bear smashing Ben Ball post game victory thread.