[Bumped] John Calipari (Memphis Coach) Trashes UCLA

Bumped. This diary originally went up on March 14 before the start of the Big Dance. eventually added an insert to the excerpted text below, but I think it got across the point Calapari wanted to make on our Bruins. GO BRUINS. -N


Memphis' John Calipari unleashed the stream-of-consciousness: "You have North Carolina because they've got the inside-outside game. Kansas, who I think is off the chain. Kansas is ridiculous. We played Tennessee; talk about a ridiculous team because of how they play and shoot threes. They could make 15 threes in a game, and I'm talking bad threes. They shoot it and it goes. Georgetown, because of [Roy] Hibbert and [Jonathan] Wallace. Then Louisville, they play that zone to perfection and have [David] Padgett, who I think has had an All-America year. I'm leaving out UCLA. I just hope they don't get calls in the tournament like they're getting now. If they get calls like that they're going all the way. Then Texas, because of guard play. That combination of guards may be the best in the country. And it could be Stanford because of the two big kids [the Lopez twins]. Connecticut is playing better, too. There are probably eight or nine teams [to beat]."

I guess he is still bitter over what our defense did to his pathetic team that plays in a joke conference two years ago.

Got that photo of Johnny looking like a complete douchebag after getting clowned by Howland in Beretta627's flickr page

Sure hope Johnny's little "stream of consciousness" gets pinned in our locker room for now till the end of the regular season.

Go Bruins!

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