Timmeh Gets Caught YouTubed Calling Indiana?

Bumped. If this is true, this will be the story of the night regardless what happens in tonight's game. GO BRUINS. -N

Oh man.

First Calipari. Now Timmeh!!!

Idiots are on a roll today!

Sounds like someone caught Timmeh calling Indiana looking for a job!

He sure sounds like Timmeh. Doesn't he?

Someone call that number - 213-740-3819 - I have been told that is Timmeh's voicemail at SuC.

If this is true (I still think this is a prank) this will turn out to be one of the dumbest moves ever in major college sports. Even dumb for a Trojan.

Go Bruins!!!

[update - bluestreet]: Looks like there is a story up on which reports Timmeh initiated contact with IU Athletics Director Rick Greenspan about the open position this week.

UPDATE II -N: SuperBruinMan with more on this developing story. The Trojan blogger from the Trojan Times is working hard to show this is a prank (which it may be)

The voice on the message sounds exactly like Floyd and leaves his direct telephone line (which is why we aren't linking to the video here). A recent attempt to call that line wasn't answered, but it did indicate Floyd's own voicemail was full -- not an unusual occurrence, according to L,A, Times reporter Ben Bolch.

The voicemail from Floyd is left with "Stephanie," who presumably would be Greenspan's assistant. Here's the catch. ... There's nobody by that name in the Indiana Athletic Directory. IU Sports Information Director J.D. Campbell confirmed by e-mail that he doesn't know a Stephanie. But here is the catch. As the guys from note apparently the Trojan bloggers are not familiar with google. There is indeed a Stephanie in IU's athletic department. As they say in some well known website ... DEVELOPING. GO BRUINS.

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