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Neuheisel's Composure

One of the fun parts of watching UCLA basketball this season has been to see our football coach engage in PR blitz to promote our program while at the same time making sure giving his due props to Coach Howland.

The message is unmistakable. Coach Neuheisel is not afraid of associating his football program with the standard of excellence established by Coach Howland’s basketball program. This is something we never experienced during the tenure of the previous football coach.

Photo Credit: karthulovesyou's photostream (flickr)

That was of course from the Arizona game at Pauley. Once again CRN was there yesterday cheering on our Ben Ball warriors, giving props to Coach Howland, while promoting his program. Now Jill Painter from the Daily News posted an interesting anecdote re. CRN’s appearance at Staples:

It can be brutal if you're a public figure walking about Staples Center. At halftime, a fan yelled to Rick Neuheisel: ``Hey, Rick. How much money do you have on the game?''
Neuheisel replied: ``Come on, be a good sport.''
In the coming years CRN will no doubt be subjected to cheap shots like that from cross town and other jealous Pac-10 fans. It is great to see the composure he is maintaining through all of it. That kind of composure will serve as a valuable asset as he keeps working on rebuilding our football program. His TV appearances are certainly having the classic good mojo effect on our Ben Ball warriors.