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Center Court: Ben Ball (Selection Show) Open Thread

Here we go. In a little while we are going to find out who is going to be the next opponent for our Ben Ball warriors.

So here is a special NCAA "Selection Show" open thread. And here is to these talented Bruins who have brought our team so much great mojo throughout the years:

Photo Credit:andersonmba2007's photostream (flickr)

The best cheer/dance team in nation. Goes without saying no other university can put together that kind of team representing the greatest combination of smarts+beauty America has to offer. Yeah, I know we are blessed to be Bruins.

The "Selection Show" is scheduled for 3 pm (PST).

Tell us what you know about our next opponent, when our matchup is announced, and share your first impressions for the bracket.

We will try to put together a BN bracket tomorrow and throw it up here otherwise all of our energy and focus is going to be spent on our next opponent for Thursday night.

So thread it up and enjoy rest of your Sunday.