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Future Ben Ball Warriors On Display

While the current version of Ben Ball warriors are preparing to take on the Hilltoppers, two of our future warriors are going to be on national television in a matter of mins. xapis 828 is already on it. The 2008 McDonald’s All American game is on tonight on WWL (6:30 pm PST). All the recruiting junkies know by now that two future Ben Ball warriors are going to be suiting up for the West squad. The folks at has a little write up on the festivities leading up to tonight’s game. Guess what our two future Ben Ball warriors were shining in:? That’s right DEFNSE:

Jrue Holiday- Never out to individually impress, Holiday's serious minded approach to the game has had a positive effect on the West squad since he began practicing on Monday. Primarily scoring with his unorthodox tendency to finish with his left hand in the lane, Holiday has been happy to keep the ball moving and get his points off moving without the basketball and hitting the glass. His best work was on the defensive end today where he did a sound job defending Jennings. It will be interesting to watch him defend Evans on Wednesday night.

Malcolm Lee- Lee displayed his defensive prowess locking up Demar DeRozan along with others during the West practice. At 6-foot-4, Lee can get low to the ground and move his feet with the best of them while pressuring the ball with his hands. He and Holiday are custom built for the UCLA system, but Lee is going to need some time in the weight room before he can have the impact that the physically stronger Holiday is ready to have.
I am sure once ML gets to Westwood he is going to develop under Coach Howland’s regime just like JF, AA, DC, RW … you get the picture.

Meanwhile, ML’s backcourt mate - Holiday - has been in the news in recent week weeks. Thought it was worth taking note of a recent online feature the WSJ ran on college hoops recruiting.

The focus of this piece was the chaotic and hyper recruiting that goes around NPOY caliber recruits such as Holiday:

The feature has a nice little amusing side note on Timmeh's recruiting of DeRozan and Lil' Romeo (a topic WSJ zeroed in on recently).

But one of the main thrust of the feature is how Jrue Holiday has been able to remain steady through the whole recruiting circus. Love the end of the feature where Jrue conveys his "plan" re what he wants to bring to UCLA.

Enjoy and consider this a Mickey D All American game open thread.