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Date w Ben Ball Madness

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Hmm. Wonder what everyone around here is doing on Thursday night? I imagine some of you are going to be lucky enough to hang out at the pond and see these guys in person

Photo Credit: John Saade Photography's photostream (flickr)

For the rest of us who are going to be taking in RW, JK, DC and rest of our Ben Ball warriors on tv here is the CBS broadcast map (pdf) file.

As you can see if you are not in the West Coast, you like many of us Bruin in exile are kind of screwed. You will have to hit your neighborhood bar or a Bruin gathering near you.

So here are the parties we know of for Thursday night:

  • Let's start with the Big Apple. Alums in NYC will be watching at "the Village Pourhouse" located 64 Third Ave. Corner of Third Ave. and 11th Street. You can RSVP by going here.

  • Down the I-95, alums in DC will be watching the game at the Ugly Mug - 723 8th St SE (near the Hill). If you are taking the Metro, take the Blue/Orange line to Eastern Market Metro Stop.

  • In Chicago, the Bruins watch their games at Joe's Bar, located at 940 W. Weed St. Here are the details

  • Back in LA, alums are getting together in South Bay to watch Thursday's game. People are getting together at The Tavern on Main St. 123 Main St. (between El Segundo Blvd. and Grand Ave. Sounds like they have their own version of "Bruin Den" set up and all ready to go.
If you are stuck at work or stuck at some exotic place across the pond, you can always sign for Sportsline's March Madness on Demand. I hear it works pretty well. At the very least as always we will have a game thread ROCKING here on BN tonight. So I am sure fellow BNers will be more than happy to keep you up to date.

As for the get-togethers listed above those are the ones I know of. For more on alumni club football watching parties visit this site. If you have info on where the alumni group are watching the games in your town, post the info here. I would love to know where Bruins watch their game in Seattle. Mrs. N and I will be there this weekend.

As always keep in mind - even though these get togethers are hosted by alums - of course, they are open to every member of Bruins Nation.