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Exhale A Little: Ben Ball Warriors Are Moving On Up

Ok that was a little stressful for Sunday afternoon. So what the heck I will throw up another post game thread to unwind some more.

Nothing comes easy during March. And I had that sick feeling after watching UNC, Memphis, Texas, Duke, and Stanford games from yesterday, and the Tennessee from today that it was gonna be a harrowing afternoon in Tucson. Thank God for us we pulled out a tough, gutty, and clutch win.

It wasn't pretty. But we got it done. Ben Ball warriors pull out a 2 pt clutch win on the road. Here is the box score.

No doubt who was the MVP of tonight's game: it was the kid from Oregon who scored 15 pts after the half, knocking down one clutch FT after another carrying us to another huge win:

Photo Credit:AP Photo/Wily Low (via Yahoo Sports)

The Supernatural was Superserious from the FT line.

Love in his last road game at UCLA (yeah the kid is gone so let's appreciate this even more) puts up a vintage performance finishing with 24 pts. and 15 rebounds.

Yes, it wasn't pretty at times. Yes, it was nerve wrecking. But I don't really care. We got it done. We will be moving on up in this week's poll, well situated to make a run.

We now get to come home with a 26-3 overall record, take a deep breath, focus, and aim for a huge victory on Thursday night.

In the mean time breathe, relax, unwind, and celebrate a little in another post game victory thread.