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7 In A Row: Postgame Thread

The Bruins go into the desert and extend their recent dominance over the Wildcats by gutting out a 68-66 win on the road. The Bruins remain on track for a #1 seed in the west and still control their own destiny going into the big game against Stanford on Thursday. Big games by Love and Collison with solid contributions by all members of the team. Shipp and the Prince were able to harass Budinger into a 7-18 performance. The Wildcats were able to make things interesting with Jordan Hill's biggest game of his career, but as it has been recently with the Wildcats, it wasn't enough.

It is ironic that Arizona fell apart when Bayless started having a premature celebration early in the second half, running his mouth at Collison off of a dunk. They were beginning to play with efficiency up to that point and they promptly hit a scoring drought. Did I say ironic? I meant "appropriate". Kind of like this picture:

Photo Credit: AP/Wily Low

Bayless, like Budinger, has never beaten the Bruins, so it would be in his best interest to keep his mouth shut until he ends that streak of futility. Even if that event came to pass, someone should remind him that sub .500 teams in conference should be seen and not heard. Maybe he should change his name from Bayless to Winless against the Bruins.

As I end this summary, it is a good day for the Mecca of Basketball, as the Lakers take down the Mavericks in overtime (shutting up another premature celebrator in Dirk Nowitzki) to stay atop the West.

Postgame Thread. Go for it.