Someone Top Off my Passion Bucket

Now don't get me wrong by the title. I bleed blue and gold all day long. But...

Now don't get me wrong by the title. I bleed blue and gold all day long. Nothing touches my heart more than watching that clip of Sons of Westwood on the ukulele ( and beating $uc in roundball with our Ben Ball Warriors, especially AA2 and LMR. Plus, if my screename is any indication, I am so excited by CRN taking back this town from the trOJies. But... I am a little frightened about our football program's schedule for the next year. We have a very challenging lineup of burly men to line up against, from BYU to Fresno to the hicks from Tennessee. Then we have the Pac-10 schedule, including the thugs from Washington (if their basketball program is any indication), the horrible cheering squad from those Oregon Duck fans, and worst of all another match with the trOJies. At least its in our beautiful Rose Bowl instead of the Mausoleum, but I just don't know what I would do if we lose again to those thugs from across town--it might take a lot of Appletinis to get over that one if CRN can't stop Pom Pom. Am I being reasonable? Please tell me I am, I sometimes underestimate our program which is silly, since we are first to 100 national championships (thanks to women's water polo, you go girls!) and probably the greatest university in the world.

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